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Hats Off to a Special Volunteer
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 8/8/2019

There are times when we somehow make the right decision even though it doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Such was the case when a Fellow Knight, Bill Kitchen, ask me to consider a friend of his being part of the office volunteer staff for KC Help. Robyn’s profession before her stroke was as a full charge bookkeeper. However, her confidence at returning to her profession was not all that high. But given that our KC Help backlog of data entry of services to our clients was continuing to grow, I talked to the other office staff and volunteers about Robyn coming on board and giving it a try. Of course, they replied. Why would you even hesitate!

At our first meeting, Robyn was concerned about making mistakes in data entry due to the impact of her stroke. So, we worked out a plan that someone would review her work to make sure it was accurate. After the first couple of weeks, that was no longer necessary. Though Robyn’s speed at the keyboard had slowed, her accuracy was spot on. After a few months of volunteering, it was time for Robyn to move on and look at potential employment opportunities. Although we missed Robyn’s cheery presence with us, we were glad for her finding confidence in her abilities. Robyn sent us card recently and we would like to share that with you all.

So much of what we experience in this service, is helping people recover. It may be from an illness, an accident, or just getting back a bit of freedom and comfort in their lives. They are as much of a gift to us as our service is to them. Hopefully, we will get to experience many more “Robyn’s” in our volunteers and clients as we serve. Thank you Robyn for making our lives more enjoyable. It was You that blessed us.